MTF8’s “Momentum”: EP review

MTF8 keeps saying he’s completed the work and doesn’t foresee new songs, but then suddenly more work appears. It’s fitting that the follow-up to May 2020’s “Regress,” coming just a little over half a year later, is titled “Momentum,” given that it indeed serves to maintain the velocity of output.

MTF8 returns with his blend of dark Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and The Cure in this five song 31 minute EP, featuring four originals and a cover of Christian Death’s “Cavity.”

MTF8 has been working with producer and musician Charlie Nieland throughout his entire series of releases, so it’s unsurprising that we can hear the influence of Charlie Nieland growing, with more of his guitar work shaping the sound – soaring luminescent lead lines, splashy liquid layers of shoegaze chords, searing distortion augmenting the synths and drum lines. Some of these tracks also have a grimy techno feel to them, lending a powerful rhythm to the whole proceedings.

With themes of lost innocence; the lure of memories and dreams and the tidal pull of rebirth; fate and the inevitability of collapse; and hope of wish fulfillment fighting the fear of failure; “Momentum” is a direct encounter with a range of emotions from anger to sorrow to epic sweeping euphoria. Mixing those emotions in one EP is not contradictory for MTF8. In fact, the blend, the tension, informs much of his work. As he puts it himself, during times of survival mentality, “one wonders where all the genuine emotion went only to find it in sleep” where nightmare and dream become one. “Any and all emotion experienced in this state is raw, genuine, and addictive. The dream becomes everything.”

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