Evi Vine’s “.​.​.​and so the morning comes”

If not for the press around Wayne Hussey and Simon Gallup joining forces in a kind of super group / collective project called Beauty in Chaos, I may not have come across Evi Vine. But of all the tracks on those records, hers stood out and stuck in my head because of her unique blend of elements from ethereal darkwave, goth and shoegaze, and her Tori Amos meets Love Spirals Downwards voice. I’ve acquired most of the catalogue and am enjoying it immensely so far.
2011’s’ “…and so the morning goes” makes use of the instrumentation you’d expect in this genre – such as guitar and bass – but the arrangements demonstrate a wider range and depth, featuring harp, cello, violin and keys. The overall sound is less on the heavier broodier side of goth and more on the ethereal dreamy somber side, with a beautiful fluid organic feel. The overall sound has elements as I said of Love Spirals Downwards and Tori Amos, but also reminds me of Autumn’s Grey Solace, with a little Kate Bush and Mazzy Star in there too, perhaps.

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