Joe Geni’s “Doggerland”: album review

What a unique and unclassifiable album this is! The music sounds like a nod to U2, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, David Byrne, Tears for Fears and a host of 80s New Wave and synth bands on the edge of progrock. The singing and words are direct, honest, vulnerable, yearning and hopeful. These are songs of confusion, of marvel, of the struggle to make sense of a chaotic and changing world, to find your place in that world even as you change while the world changes around you.
This is clearly Joe Geni’s most accomplished work to date, his strongest most compelling vocals, his most confident verbal tapestries and narrative storytelling visual imagery lyrics. It’s a transfixing album that rewards repeat listens. It definitely does not follow conventional pop song or indie rock structure, or seek for ear worm hooks and big choruses, instead letting the songs breathe and follow their own organic and involved pathways, like the cohesive yet richly varied skyline of an industrial city.

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