MTF8’s “Rebirth”: album review

This is a kind of magnum opus, a dense and intense work that was obviously labored over with great effort and attention to detail. These tracks sat on hard drives unreleased, unfinished, and unlistened to, for years before MTF8 partnered with New York producer Charlie Nieland to give them new birth. Charlie’s talents are audible not just in the beautiful production but in some of the incredible synth sounds, dark organic bass lines, and breathtaking guitar work.
MTF8’s sound draws heavily on 90s synth goth and ur-goth bands like Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim, but also carries touches that sound like the early days of Mortiis.
The emotional effect is like visiting the faded and grown-over ruins of an old world you haven’t seen in a long time, wandering among the empty stones in a kind of sad remembrance of what happened here, a kind of astonishment that you even lived through it and it was so long ago. The pain has not completely faded away but it beats dully within like Poe’s tell-tale heart.
The construction and arrangement of the pieces conveys such deliberate intent in each choice and beat, yet the whole does not sound mechanical or belabored, but rather organic and human as each song builds in intensity and layers, each cycle breathing deeper.

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  1. Ronan, Thank you for the listen; also for making me look up “magnum opus”.

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