“Twin Peaks” soundtrack: Music review

Who can forget the haunting soundtrack to Twin Peaks, the shimmering guitar, the deep bass, the synth, the soap-operaesque crescendos, the overtones of some alternative universe where pining nostalgia-50s rockabilly and jazz lived side by side with the modern age in the schizoid world of Twin Peaks where the nuclear family hid shocking and dark secrets.
David Lynch’s lyrics, Angelo Badalamenti’s arrangements and unmistakable synth lines, together with Julee Cruise’s soft floating ethereal vocals formed the inseparable and fundamental backdrop to the TV series.
The soundtrack album is a great standalone collection, and it’s all here: the theme music “Falling” (which I never tire of hearing) – with and without Julee Cruise’s vocals; the borderline saccharine “Laura Palmer’s Theme”; the sleazy “Audrey’s Dance”; the crazy reverb-mirror-pool “Nightingale” with it’s “Ooo”s and “wah-wah”s like something from a 50s high-school/diner-love-affair song; the mysterious dream-song “Into the Night”; and the “Dance of the Dream Man.”

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