“They Live”: Movie review

What if life was a scripted game intended to keep us comatose, docile, obedient, ready to drive an unsustainable cycle of consumption and reproduction while a master race reaped the benefits? Apparently, that’s what’s going on according to the vision awaiting drifter Nada when a pair of special sunglasses pulls back the veils of perception to reveal the alien species among us, and their subliminal messaging.
Crazy-good in its supreme kitsch, while unsettling in its accurate capture of many of the elements of our modern weltangst, “They Live” is marred only by the insistence on completely unnecessarily long and wanton scenes of Roddy Piper brawling.
I could make some plaintive plea that we abort the insanity of our materialistic overconsumption, but I’ve got at least fifty million more movies to watch.



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