“Hart’s War”: Movie review

I can’t look at Colin Farrell without thinking of his career-ruining disaster performance in “Alexander,” although “The Lobster” and “In Bruges” have gone a distance towards redemption. Bruce Willis, meanwhile, has delivered some exceptional performances (“12 Monkeys”), some cheesy but iconic performances (“Die Hard”) and a range in between, and on balance he probably gets a pass.
Together these two do a decent enough job in this war movie which draws on the feel of 1950s era war movies. This story of white supremacy in a Nazi camp during World War II has a twist – the white supremacy is on the part of American POWs who take exception to being quartered with two black American pilots. The actions of the Americans appears to strip them of some of their high moral ground over the Nazis, yet there is more going on here than a simple crime, and questions of honor, loyalty, orders, duty, and sacrifice are examined against the POW camp court martial back-drop.

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