“Prometheus”: Film review

“Prometheus” is definitely worth a re-watch, as we wait for “Alien: Covenant” in May.
A long line of films and TV shows has expounded the ancient astronaut theory – everything from “Space Odyssey” to the the Xfiles. “Prometheus” adds a nice little twist in asking what would happen if you could indeed trace back to the origin point of those ancient aliens and maybe ask them what they were thinking?
Not as “lost alone in space” as “Alien,” not as “that’s inside the room man!” as “Aliens,” it was not universally liked but is in fact a beautiful standalone film with a true vintage science fiction feel, while connecting well to the existing Alien franchise.
Thankfully it’s also not a total clown-town like “Alien 3” and “Alien vs. Predator,” and also not completely farcically ridiculous like “Alien: Resurrection.”


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