“MacArthur”: Film review

General Douglas MacArthur was Supreme Allied Commander during WWII and UN Commander during the Korean War. Ordered by President Roosevelt to leave the Philippines and reluctantly complied? Or maneuvered his way out of there and abandoned his troops, who eventually capitulated and faced the Bataan Death March? There are various versions of the story out there. Either way, he did return, as promised, to re-take the Philippines and eventually received the surrender of the Japanese.
Relieved of his command by President Truman for insubordination? Or foolishly pushed aside by a president unwilling to see the right path forward? Again, opinions vary on this point.
Either way, the MacArthur portrayed in this film is vainglorious, glorious, and vain.
Gregory Peck seems a convincing MacArthur, while the film walks the tightrope of perspectives but ultimately seems to lean gently in the direction of a salute.

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