“The XFiles: I want to believe”: Film review

Six years after season 9 ended with Mulder fleeing in disgrace as a wanted man, Mulder and Scully are reunited for the 2nd Xfiles film. The charges against Mulder are dropped in return for his help on the case of a pedophile priests’s psychic visions which may lead to the recovery of a kidnapped FBI agent.
It’s great to see Mulder and Scully back in action as a team again, though this film made some odd choices: Billy Connolly as the priest, for one. The general ‘paranormal-lite‘ feeling to the whole proceedings, for another: the psychic visions are used sparingly as a plot device, and Connolly barely gets his teeth into his character. The recurring Xfiles obsession with Judeo-Christian faith as a central question for Scully, and by extension, for Mulder, weighs the film down.
This film steers far far clear of any alien action, save for a sarcastic remark or two by some doubting FBI colleagues, but also falls short of any of the true “monster of the week” strangeness that made the early Xfiles so great. Lacking also is any of the farcical humor that punctuated the TV show.
Still, though – it’s Mulder and Scully!


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