Prodigy’s “Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned”: Music review

Prodigy’s fourth album, 2004’s “Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned” is a pretty listenable offering, suitably abrasive and fired up, with some memorable loops and hooks. At times highly dancey (“Girls”), at other times rife with intensely rhythmic rapping (“Get Up Get Off” co-written and featuring American rapper Twista), the album still finds moments of melody such as in “Hotride” which digests and spits back out something of the 1967 5th Dimension hit “Up up and away.”
The album makes more use of vocals than prior offerings. This album is also not afraid to borrow heavily, though that’s not really anything new for the Prodigy – from the interpretation of “Up up and away” in “Hotride” to “Phoenix” and its looping sample from Shocking Blue’s “Love Buzz” (familiar to any Nirvana song due to their cover of that song on the debut “Bleach”) to “The Way It Is” and its heavy featuring of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”
Produced entirely by Liam Howlett, other Prodigy members such as Keith Flint have faded into the background, while guest musicians and vocalists include actress Juliette Lewis, Oasis wasters Liam and Noel Gallagher, Kool Keith and a bunch of others I’ve personally never heard of and feel no guilt about that.
A good listen, pumping and insistent. And why not?


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