“Murder Made Me Famous: Charles Manson”: TV show review

Charismatic, full of fascinating ideas and big plans, assembling followers around him, and leading them all astray into butchery and horror. The beautiful narrative of America’s history has an underbelly, and Charlie Manson squats like a spider in the center of the web, a mind-defying symbol that, to this day, intrigues and baffles.
Don’t worry, though, like Zappa says, “it can’t happen here” – it’s all good here today. Nothing going on. No underbelly, no charismatic leader to lead us astray.
This Reelz show summarizes some of the key facts in the case but leans too heavily on some pieces of information that are unproven or theoretical, simplifies some things, and quite unhelpfully insists on perpetuating the myth that Manson was actually not a great musician when in fact, somewhat troublingly, he was actually quite damned good.



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