“Manson: 40 Years Later”: Movie review

Charles Manson’s ‘Family’ member Linda Kasabian was the key witness in DA Vincent Bugliosi’s case against the Family. After 40 years in hiding in which she spoke only once to the media, Kasabian here recounts her entire experience in detail. Hearing her talk about her motivation for robbing five thousand dollars from the husband she abandoned in order to impress and gain acceptance from the Family gives a fascinating insight into the impressionable mentality of those young seekers and hippies who fell under Manson’s spell.
Her eyes light up and sparkle when she tells of meeting Manson the first time and talks about the sense of belonging, the parties, the oneness, the freedom.
She shows genuine distress at remembering the horror of the Tate and Bianca murders and how she stood outside on guard and in stunned disbelief at what was unfolding.
Also features interviews with Bugliosi, Tate’s sister, and Family member Catherine Louise “Gypsy” Share.

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