“Gods of Egypt”: Movie review

An abysmal catastrophe of a film. A shambling horror nightmare of travesty. A scoundrel of a movie. And surely an eternal low-point in the acting careers of such generally respectable men as Bryan Brown and Geoffrey Rush, as well as a mockery of any semblance of striving towards dignified reputations on the parts of sarcastic Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, growl-yelling Gerard Butler, and wisecracking Brenton Thwaites.

With all the rich mythology of ancient Egypt to work with, with its rumors of alien origin, strange hybrid beings and genetically modified creature-things; its impossible technology and feats of unexplained architectural splendor; with all the possible narratives surrounding the shared pyramid cultures of the ancient world – *this*!! is the result? This cascading barrage of awful CGI, plotless drivel, asinine action scenes, manly men and sparkly-eyed chest-heaving buxom women?
This piece of cinematic crime represents a total and complete failure of the human spirit.

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