1989’s “The Xfiles”: Movie review

More like a double or triple length episode than a true feature film, 1989’s “X-files” is set between season 5’s closer and season 6’s opener. Entertaining enough, it reads a little bit too much like the child of 80s TV shows such as The A-Team and McGyver – big explosions; bombs needing to be defused; double-crossing manly-man federal agents; the “you’re off the case, McGonagle!” cop/agent guzzling up his sorrows at the local bar; the witty one-line wisecracks between the leads. Even the casting seems cliched, with appearances by Jeffrey DeMunn as the anxious informant and pencil-mustached Terry O’Quinn as the manly-man double-crossing fed.
Add to that the familiar ground re-covered – here again are the virus-carrying bees from S4E01 (“Herrenvolk”) and S4E21 (“Zero Sum”), the fields of mysterious crops grown in the wasteland from S4E01 (“Herrenvolk”), and one abduction coming right up! for Scully – just like S2E5 (“Duane Berry”).
Not content with recycling plot elements, entire lines of dialogue seem to get a waste-not-want-not treatment: during the seasons, the Cigarette-Smoking man admonishes Krycek’s suggestion to eliminate Mulder by explaining the blowback that could cause: “Kill Mulder and you risk turning one man’s religion into a crusade.”
In the X-files movie, the manicured man admonishes a fellow-Syndicate member for the same suggestion, with the same response: “Kill Mulder, we take the risk of turning one man’s quest into a crusade.”
I think they could have done better with this. A lot better.


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