“Channel Zero”: TV show review

A troubled child psychologist returns to his childhood home town to face the traumatic past in which he is bound together with his childhood friends by a creepy secret kids’ show called “Candle Cove” broadcasting under the airwaves on hidden TV channels, its odd marionette pirate-ship characters mesmerizing the children into catatonic trancelike states and leading them to a terrible fate.
Somehow you wonder if the show would have hit a higher water mark in the hands of, say, HBO, yet the series still carries a sort of high strangeness and “The Shining” meets “Silent Hill” uncanniness that makes your skin crawl just a touch. With the 80s backdrop there’s a sense of maybe aping “Stranger Things,” while the ‘sinister circle of childhood’ seems straight out of a Stephen King book like “It” or a warped Ray Bradbury ‘Doug Spaulding tale.’
At six episodes, this is a quick enough watch, though it appears a second season is due next year.



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