“The Conjuring 2”: Film review

I continue to watch these horror films despite the genre being so played out – expecting to be either annoyed by the tired lazy unimaginative crapness of them, or to actually find a few good stylish moments or touches that make it worthwhile. The soundtrack for “Sinister,” for example: master-stroke. Or the occasionally creepy little moment in “The Others,” rewarding you for wading through the sludge of its badness.
“The Conjuring 2,” however, was something altogether different. I’d forgotten what a good horror film could do. “Conjuring 2” raises the bar on most of the other shlock that’s coming out these days. Based on the 1977 Enfield haunting in England, though clearly some liberties have been taken, this film sees paranormal investigators and authors Ed and Lorraine Warren (the real life couple who investigated hauntings like the one reported in Amityville) attempting to aid the Hodgson family whose squalid council house is the scene of poltergeist activity, moving furniture, levitations, possessions, and the apparent ghost of a prior owner who died in his 70s in the arm chair in the corner of the living room.



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