“Son of Saul”: Film review

A Hungarian Jew imprisoned at Auschwitz and working in the gas chambers as a Sonderkommando finds his dying son after one of the selections and attempts to secrete the body in an attempt to provide the boy with a proper Jewish burial.
This, as might be expected, is a truly harrowing movie, with the nonstop hell-on-earth of Auschwitz pressing itself in on you from all sides and on your eyes, ears and brain for the duration of the movie, rising to a horrific crescendo with the hellish conflagration when the Hungarian selections outpaced the ability of the crematoria to keep up and the Nazis resorted to shooting prisoners directly into massive burning trenches.
Why do we make and watch such films, and read about this topic? Why don’t you? I watch and read partly to ensure I know how close we’re getting to repeating history. A bit too close lately, folks, a bit too close.



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