David Gilmour’s “Rattle that Lock”: Music review

After a floaty but directionless opening instrumental track, the title track “Rattle that lock” disappoints, sounding like Sting meets Huey Lewis 80s/90s rock.
“Faces of stone”’s chord progression, instrumentation and lyrics are a little bit like a Leonard Cohen song, albeit with guitar solos. By this point you’re really wondering what’s happening on this album, when “A Boat Lies Waiting” offers shades of Gilmour’s (much better) last album “On an Island” and latter-day Pink Floyd tracks, but the song seems unfinished and fades out without really paying off. We’re left floating through the forgettable rest of the album.
I’m the true sucker here because I bought the deluxe limited edition that includes a DVD, a plectrum (not the right gauge for me anyway), a silly postcard in an envelope, a fold-out poster that I might stick on the wall if I was 12, and a couple of books including Book II of Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” I was never very impressed with Milton’s laughable Christianity and angular blockish prose, so that’s not helping.


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