Stephen King’s “Finders Keepers”: Book review

When young Pete Saubers stumbles on a cache of cash along with unpublished masterpieces by murdered reclusive writer John Rothstein he unwittingly becomes the prey of Morris Bellamy, the murdering thief and number one fan of Rothstein’s rebel-without-a-cause character Jimmy Gold. Bellamy is doing hard time, but is counting down the hours until he gets out and retrieves his stash. King’s hero trio from “Mr. Mercedes” returns in “Finders Keepers,” racing to save Saubers from the vengeful Bellamy.
Mr. Mercedes himself makes a few appearances, gathering some kind of dark force to himself in the corner of the lunatic asylum where he has been silent and unmoving for years, setting up for the trilogy finale in the upcoming “End of Watch” (due for release June 7th).
“Finders Keepers” is not King’s best book, but it’s not bad at all. Keep ’em comin’, Stevie-boy.


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