“Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa”: Film review

I absolutely loved the Alan Partridge TV shows from the 90s and early 00s (“Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge” and “I’m Alan Partridge”), and was pretty thrilled to see Coogan was revisiting the character in a full length feature film in 2013.
Honestly, though, the film was disappointing. The TV show was a high watermark in the kind of awkward British humor that you just can’t look away from, a precursor to shows like the British “Office,” and possibly matched stateside only by “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (which sometimes even exceeded Alan Partridge). The 2013 Partridge film has few of those moments and they seem forced and dated. There are great jokes and lines (Pat: “Do you like country music, Alan?” / Alan: “Can’t say I do, Pat. It’s just jilted spouses complaining whilst drunk. Also known as a date if you’re over 40”), but there’s also something of the “Mr. Bean” movie about this whole affair, and it’s hard to know whether the presence of veteran actor Colm Meaney aids or disrupts the exercise.
Short enough at around 90 minutes that I can’t have too many serious regrets about watching it.


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