Pierre Raph’s soundtrack for “Requiem Pour Un Vampire”: Music review

I saw Pierre Raph’s soundtrack for the 1972 horrotica “Requiem Pour Un Vampire” on vinyl in Rough Trade last month and was curious. I haven’t seen the film, but after hearing the soundtrack I’m curious about the film too. Ranging from stereotypically Dracula style music (the strange and mysterious “Château D’Eau” or the church organ playing something you might hear at a funeral parlor in “Jade Vampyre”) to medieval, baroque and folk touches (the beautifully poignant and melodic soft Spanish guitar arpeggio of “Sad clowns in the cornfield,” which returns, accompanied by medieval flutes, in “Crimson Pond”), with plenty of other oddities thrown in (the creepy piano of “Jade Lake”, or the jazzy french bass and Bach-esque wind instruments in “Jaded Cottage”). There’s even a little bit of 60s pop-rock – it sounds like Keith Moon is drumming over organ breaks on “Batterie Field.”
Spread liberally throughout there are sounds of waves, water, birds, bats, strenuous lovemaking, and the screams of victims. I wonder if I can rent the film on Verizon FiOS.


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