Cocteau Twins’ “Heaven Or Las Vegas”: Music review

It’s an oversight that I have not dedicated real time to seriously exploring the catalogue of Scottish dream-pop band Cocteau Twins, so I recently got my hands on their acclaimed sixth album, 1990’s “Heaven or Las Vegas.” Words like ethereal and dreamy fall short of capturing the otherworldly bliss that is Cocteau Twins. Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals swoop and soar, glide and caress, with her signature ‘lyrics’ of glossolalia and imagined languages. The guitar splashes liquid chords shimmering with reverb. The bass and drums slowly draw you into the embrace. This is a beautiful piece of work and honestly I can see myself quickly running out of ways to talk about Cocteau Twins as I finally begin to make my way through their discography.
With influences cited to include The Birthday Party, Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Kate Bush, with gothic and post-punk touches, Cocteau Twins were a clear influence on acts as diverse as shoegazers My Bloody Valentine or floating goth dreamers Love Spirals Downwards and Autumn’s Grey Solace. Nobody is quite like them.


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