Cyclobe’s “Sulphur-Tarot-Garden”: Music review

“Composed to accompany three phantasmagorical super 8 films by Derek Jarman,” Cyclobe’s “Sulphur-Tarot-Garden” is a three track 32 minute release.
“Sulphur” opens with synth in a deep tremolo vibration like a slow roiling wave, a seasick-inducing swell. Other sounds flicker in and out, like gnats, machines, vibrations, tones. The sounds are powerful, almost sentient. They seem aware of you yet it’s hard to conclude they are threatening – somehow the threat is all in your mind, in your interpretation of their alienness.

In “Tarot,” swooping violins and church organs pulse like a dying heart beat, like the mournful footsteps of a bitter funeral march. The mind can get lost, spinning, in the soundscape, in a eulogy which evokes sensations of slow moving ritualistic processions, cowled figures, great dimly lit echoing halls and courts, racing emotions, deep pathos and the purging of tragic emotions.

In “The Garden of Luxor” a deep low rumbling organ forms a bass line over which lucent crystalline tones shimmer and breathe. Church organ chords punctuate as the piece closes out.

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