Fornax Void’s “Memory Machine”: Music review

Fornax Void’s “Memory Machine” is a sound experiment, an ambient journey. The landscape includes some of the more outerspace and darker moments of Pink Floyd (like “Echoes”), Brian Eno ambient albums like “Music for films,” and the bleaker chapters of David Bowie’s “Low,” mixed with elements that sound like 1990s computer game music (“Intro”).
The album does not make one single monolith, ploughing or droning endlessly into ambient-land. In fact, Fornax Void is happy to turn corners, change tempo and tone, and throw breakpoints into the mix to keep the listener from being completely consumed into the void. Take for example the introduction of guitar and slightly muffled drums on “The Terminator Road,” or the way the cloudless and floaty “Time machine” is disrupted by a sound like the banging of metal pipes on metal pipes, accompanying an indistinct chanting chorus of voices.
The album truly reaches its zenith with the monumental last track, the 30 minute “Memory Machine,” which will take you away into another world.


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