Space’s “Space sounds”: Music review

Space has really brought the goods on this latest release of ‘sounds,’ with long-time producer NASA at the mixing desk. Some of the tracks have a distinct Aphex Twin “Selected Ambient Works Vol II” feel about them, while on other tracks you’d be forgiven for thinking you were hearing Jimi Hendrix experiment with early flange and phase pedals towards the latter moments of the spacey “EXP” track on the “Axis: Bold as Love” album, or perhaps Hendrix’s long submarine interlude in “Electric Ladyland”’s “1983…(A Merman I Should Turn To Be).” In fact, at times you really get the sense that Outer Space is ripping Hendrix off: just do a side-by-side with, say, “Saturn” or “Neptune” with Hendrix’s “Moon, Turn The Tides…Gently, Gently.”
Either way, Space has drawn on some good influences in this collection.

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