Lover’s “Everything”: Music review

Morgantown, West Virginia band Lover was active between 2000 and 2002. This remastered 38-song collection is “everything Lover recorded in reverse chronological order starting with the unreleased 4 songs, then the album Revol, followed by Under Nude Management followed by the Demo.”
Lover mixes indie rock, psychedelic rock, math rock, and god knows what else, into a blend that defies easy classification. There’s something deeply involving and mesmerizing at work in much of their music, something that draws you in and offsets the more irregular and odd stretches that push the music into the direction of some kind of bizarre Pavement-Nirvana on a hard drugs and LSD cocktail.
The final album is the most psychedelic of the lot, in my opinion, at times heading straight for honest to goodness 12 bar blues and washed-out Beatlesy progressions.
An incredible and rewarding collection of songs, this Lover collection reveals yet another chapter in the prolific musical career of Justin Wierbonski.

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