Noveller’s “This Heat Will Melt the Earth”: Music review

Having picked up five of Noveller’s albums on CD after her show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg last weekend, and very much liking what I’ve heard, I want to go back and listen to the albums that are only available digitally, beginning with 2008’s “This Heat Will Melt the Earth.” I thought the cassette revival was a recent phenomenon, but “This Heat…” was released on cassette 7 years ago. This release is a collection of tracks recorded between 2005 and 2008, so in a way this sounds like the starting point of Noveller’s recorded work. While “Rainbows” is featured elsewhere (on “Desert Fires”), I don’t believe any of the other tracks appear on other albums or releases.
With the exception of the two version the clean-tone melodic and thoughtful “New Year” which book-end the album, “This Heat…” is a largely abstract and noise-experimentation affair, with great spacious sweeping expanses of ringing distorted chords and crunching walls of feedback. Very satisfying.


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