Noveller’s “Desert Fires”: Music review

The guitar and synth backing in Noveller’s “Desert Fires” (June 2010) takes a step back from the forceful barrage of “Red Rainbows,” with overtones of harps and harpsichords. The distortion is scaled back and the interlacing melodies are allowed to develop and interplay. There’s time to breathe and contemplate. There is a depth in how the guitar layers are mixed. Somewhere in those layers there is a foretaste of a Brian Eno circa “Music for films” sensibility that appears in fuller form on 2012’s “Artifact.”
The album is called “Desert Fires,” track 3 is called “Kites calm desert fires,” there’s a desert scene on the album cover, and there’s something vast, mysterious and beautiful but strangely alien and eerie at work in some of these tracks, just the kind of feeling one gets out in the desert, dwarfed by the foreign expanses of a void teeming with vibrant life.


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