Kate Bush’s “Lionhearted”: Music review

Maybe it’s because the debut album is just so surprising and incredible, but somehow Kate Bush’s second album, “Lionheart” (1978), left me somehow disappointed: it just seems to sit a bit too cleanly into the period. Yes, we have Kate’s swooping and beautiful voice that dances from the childlike to the deep and commanding. Yes the arrangements are anything but verse-chorus-verse, with plenty of structure changes from moment to moment, and hints of odd eccentric insanity (those upper octave touches that come in right after the first chorus in “Don’t push your foot on the heartbrake,” for example). Yet you could play many of these songs at an office party between, say, an Abba song and a BeeGees song, and nobody would notice anything amiss.
On the other hand, songs like “Wow” drop you right on the floor in that way only Kate can, where you melt into a puddle of awe and sheer ridiculous joy as she moves up and down the octaves on the chorus.



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