Honeyblood: Music review

Glasgow female two-piece Honeyblood has a lo-fi garageband feel to it that conjures a range of memories from the grunge era like Wedding Present, Superchunk, Swervedriver, Buffalo Tom, Nirvana and definitely The Breeders (check out “Killer Bangs”), though their washed out distortion and reverb-echo vocals are somehow bigger and clearer and more present than anything of that era, with the lushness of the perfectly mixed guitars and their expansive chords full of open strings ringing with just the right amount of distortion to buzz and crunch without overtaking the melody and the voices. This is some really great stuff and you must listen to it. Hurray and yay for bands like this that are around today. Huzzagh! The Scottish accent comes through from time to time to lend just another unique flavor. Love it.



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